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Columbia Asia, a previous portfolio company of Columbia Pacific, was founded in 1996 to serve the growing need across Asia for high quality, modern healthcare. We created innovative facilities that deliver medical excellence in an environment that allows medical providers to specifically focus on the needs of patients. Columbia Asia set the bar high to deliver on the promise of quality care with affordability and transparency. Columbia Asia had established a network of more than 28 hospitals, clinics and extended care facilities across Malaysia, India, Vietnam, and Indonesia before its sale. In 2020, the Southeast Asia portion of Columbia Asia was sold to a joint venture between the Hong Leong Group and Texas Pacific Group and in 2021 the India portion of Columbia Asia was sold to Manipal Health Enterprises Private Limited.”

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Sometimes it’s the personal touch that makes the difference in healthcare. That’s certainly the case for one family who, due to multiple health issues, has nothing but praise for the approachable and genuine care at Columbia Asia Mysore.

“Whether it is the staff or the doctors themselves, they are the prime reason we choose to go to this hospital over any other. We have experienced almost all departments of the hospital – from Neurology, Cardiology, Urology, Nephrology, Orthopedics, and Physiotherapy to General Medicine. In every case, the doctors were thorough professionals in the way they treated us. Each time, they were extremely approachable, patiently answering our questions. They genuinely care for your health, always trying to avoid unnecessary drugs and tests. In a recent ICU visit, the staff saw me in the waiting area and helped me through the anxious moments, providing updates and reassuring me. It is heart-warming when you walk into the hospital and a doctor or staff member (including the security person) inquires about your family and their well-being. It is uncanny to feel at home at a hospital where one would generally feel nervous and alone.”

“As a family who has tried all hospitals in the city, we sincerely believe that no other hospital comes close to Columbia Asia Mysore when it comes to treatment expertise, customer care or infrastructure. Thank you very much Columbia Asia Mysore.”

Ranjana Uthaiah and Col.[Retd.] K.A Uthaiah – Mysore – Karnataka

It is uncanny to feel at home at a hospital where one would generally feel nervous and alone.
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