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Columbia China is currently developing a world-class medical organization to serve a growing need in Shanghai, Jiaxing, Wuxi, Changzhou and other cities. These multi-specialty hospitals, rehabilitation facilities and clinics put patients at the center of their healthcare. Our experience throughout Asia allows us to expand into China with the most advanced diagnostics and treatment technology available today. Our modern hospitals and clinics attract the most highly skilled doctors and nurses. Equipped with sophisticated IT management systems, medical professionals can focus on treating patients, not filling out paperwork. We deliver care with the highest quality and integrity so that patients and their families can focus on recovery.

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The life of one young woman was completely changed with care from Columbia China. Sun Mei was born with a developmental hip issue that, despite two surgeries, left her with one leg shorter and a severe limp. Both issues prevented her from moving forward in her life. The skilled professionals at Columbia China brought back her smile.

Sun Mei was diagnosed with Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip and received two osteotomy surgeries in her adolescence. After graduating from university, Sun’s Developmental Dysplasia continued to plague her walking. Her disability made it difficult, despite excellent grades, to find a quality job or have relationships with others. When she came to Professor Haishan at Columbia China, she said she had hardly smiled for 5 years.

After detailed examination and evaluation, Professor Haishan performed a Total Hip Replacement, restoring the function of her hip as well as a normal gait without any pain. Sun Mei landed her first job six months later and one year later, she met the man of her dreams. Today, she is advancing her career, is happily married and recently gave birth to her daughter. She visited Professor Wu in Kaiyuan Hospital to share her joy and happiness, and while showing off her beautiful baby, Sun revealed her amazing smile. She shared her feelings with Professor Wu by saying, “It is not just a surgery; it changed my life. I consider you as grandfather of my daughter!” She goes on to say, “I cherish the strength Professor Haishan gave me, which enables me to pursue my ideal life.”

I cherish the strength Professor Haishan gave me, which enables me to pursue my ideal life.
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