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Social and demographic changes coupled with increasing wealth are leading middle class Indians to live as nuclear families, often far from their parents. Columbia Pacific Communities is India’s largest senior living community, spread across 5 cities and looking after 1,715 residents in 10 communities.

Columbia Pacific Communities provides high quality senior care communities in tranquil yet well-connected environments for India’s vast aging population. Columbia Pacific Communities celebrates the spirit of positive ageing, and delivers tailor-made, need-based service and care to its residents.

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The absence of friendship and emotional support from peers can leave the elderly feeling lonely and hopeless. For Narayanan’s mother, living comfortably with he and his wife was not enough and she began to develop physical and emotional health problems. Since moving to CPC Adinath and being in the company of other seniors, Narayanan’s mother has regained her strength and zeal for life.

“Let me convey the happy moments we are enjoying since I started living with my wife and my 93-yr-old mother at CPC Adinath. With diabetes and other age related problems, my mother used to curse herself for living so long. For the past year or so she had lost her muscle strength requiring help to climb down from the bed or car, and she could not walk on her own. After spending a few days here in CPC Adinath, my mother’s health started improving dramatically. She has started walking on her own inside the house and no longer needs any assistance to climb down from the bed or car, and all her body trembling is gone. The reason for her improvement is that she spends more than two hours each day with other seniors sharing her happy moments and life experiences. Many enjoy her humor. In addition to this, Ms. Meenu and Mr. Karthik from the wellness team arranged a nice caretaker for her at night whose company has also helped her to regain her mental strength immensely. Additionally, Mr. Karthik’s assistance and soothing words have boosted her morale.

Prior to living at Columbia Pacific Communities we were residing in a much bigger house which we purchased after my retirement two years back. My mother treated it only as a house, whereas she feels CPC Adinath is her home. It’s likely that the absence of good company and encouraging words in our earlier residence caused psychosomatic problems for her.  At CPC Adinath, all three of us feel at home.

My mother waits for the evening to go down and meet all her friends. After coming back home she shares the moments she has spent with other elders with glee. On seeing her happiness, my wife and I get immensely motivated. We thank Columbia Pacific Communities for all these positive developments in our life.”

Narayanan S.

Prior to living at Columbia Pacific Communities, we were residing in a much bigger house... My mother treated it only as a house, whereas she feels CPC Adinath is her home.
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