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Our roots run deep in senior care. Cascade Healthcare taps into decades of worldwide experience to create a new model of healthcare, adapted to the unique needs of China’s seniors. Cascade Healthcare brings to the people of China advanced nursing systems, professional operations and experienced management teams. It offers the first fully licensed foreign based senior care in China. Our six locations in Shanghai, Suzhou, Ningbo and Beijing provide seniors with a home-like environment while serving their needs for quality care and rehabilitation. Cascade Healthcare is dedicated to serving China’s aging population.

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Nothing is harder than being across the globe from an aging and ailing mother. Jennifer and her sister moved and established lives in the U.S. some 25 years ago, leaving their mother, formerly a renowned doctor in China and head of cardiology, in Shanghai. After the death of their father 20 years ago, their mother’s increasing dementia made it dangerous for her to live alone in her home. The daughters traveled there often and relied on friends to drop by, but they continued to worry as they watched their mother’s health deteriorate.

“Mom was beginning to hallucinate, rarely remembered to eat, and was unable to trust anyone because of the many terrible things she experienced throughout her life. We had to do something but could not leave our lives and families in the U.S. to move and she refused to move here. We looked for nursing homes and in 2012 went to a number of the government sponsored homes,” Jennifer says. “They may be cheap, but the standards were not respectful of senior citizens and not for our mom. Anything good had a long waiting list and we could not wait. We reached out to Cascade and within a short time she was safely moved into her new home. Within a few weeks, her health improved dramatically. She was eating regularly, something she did not do on her own, was getting stimulation and treatment that slowed her dementia and, most importantly she began to trust the people at Cascade. Because of living at Cascade, my mother’s bad memories were being replaced with new, happy ones.”

“We never worry anymore because we regularly talk with her. Cascade set up video chat with mom so I can talk with her twice a week. We send photos almost every day, I get daily monitoring of her health and activities, and feel like I am almost there with her. They are very patient with her when she insists on going on the rounds with the doctor, thinking that she is still a practicing physician. Since she began her life at Cascade Healthcare, my sister and I are so happy and relieved that our mother is in a caring, safe and loving environment.”

Jennifer Wu, daughter

Since she began her life at Cascade Healthcare, my sister and I are so happy and relieved that our mother is in a caring, safe and loving environment.
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