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Enhancing and improving the human experience is the vision behind our portfolio of companies.  From world-class healthcare and senior care, to servicing remote populations, to building industries here at home, we build companies that make a difference.

Our worldwide affiliate companies make an impact on the people we serve, most of whom have little access to modern healthcare and senior care. Columbia Asia, Columbia China, Cascade Healthcare and Columbia Pacific Communities each contribute to improving the delivery of quality healthcare in China, Malaysia, India, Vietnam and Indonesia. Seattle-based affiliate, RMI Global Solutions operates globally providing customers with medical support services in the most isolated environments.

Our work building the Pacific Northwest wine industry began in its infancy. Today Precept Wine has become the largest privately held wine producer in the region.

Today, our team continues our 40+-year legacy to create successful, sustainable companies that provide blended value for partners, potential patients and residents and the communities it serves.

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